Coaching Testimonials

“Since we worked together my role has moved on I put a lot of that down to the ILM. Our work together was a big part of ILM which gave me a good grounding on matters - it has helped me to get perspective, to act much more strategically and to assess issues from a much wider context, which itself means they aren't tackled in isolation.”

Stewart Harper

Head of Student Admissions

Leeds Metropolitan University.


“You truly affected me at an important point in my career and I will always hold you and your process of work in the highest regard.”


Madani Younis

Artistic Director

The Bush Theatre.

“As for lasting impact - you definitely had some!! In fact, I do quite often think about you and a couple of very specific things you told me. Firstly, you told me to be careful of the word 'should' and said if I found myself saying 'I should do/ be something' then I should question who said I should. Secondly, you taught me that when interviewing people you should always listen for what people say they love rather than what they like… that has been so helpful so many times. On a more general level, it was so exciting and interesting to do all the stuff we did. It really sparked in me a desire to make sure I tried as hard as I could to understand what makes me tick and what impact I have on other people. I've revisited a lot of those things over the years, but working with you, as it was the first time, was a real revelation.”


Natalie Walker

Director of External Affairs

Cambridge Judge Business School.

“I learnt a great deal and take that confidence and self-belief into what I do today.”


Simon Whittington


19 Consultancy Ltd.

“Gill helped me to find routes through previously blocked pathways with humour, empathy and a robustness which challenged and supported in the very best of ways. Her work provided me with a map which is the first thing I turn to, as I navigate the future.”


Janette Robinson

Head of Learning

Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Mentoring Testimonials

“Gills style of mentoring and coaching is a breath of fresh air- she understands how real life informs business and vice versa. She never shies away from asking difficult questions or pushing for you to raise the bar- but understands the balance required to get the best from yourself and your business. As a single mum juggling 2 boys and a growing business I have referred back to Gills advice over the 9 years since we first met on many occasions. 

Seeing from Gill that you can be warm, funny, understanding yet still incredibly professional and ballsy in the business environment has left a lasting impression on me and I hope I can replicate that for my employees in the future. Gill is one of those pivotal people who come along every so often in life for a short time, at the right time and they make a lasting difference ”


Rhian Kempadoo-Millar


Kempadoo Millar Ltd


“I met Gill for the first time about 7 years ago when I was in the early stages of my career in the arts. At the time I was daunted by her commercial approach and yet being exposed to that perspective so early on has had a much greater impact on my journey than I would have given credit for at the time. Gill's input taught me to consider the value of my activities, how they impact on the wider world and perhaps most significantly to consider who would be willing to pay for either my skills or the work that I make. I believe I have made work that has had value to other people as well as myself as a result - which for me is the whole point.”


Beth Goddard



“When driving a business forward there is so many things to think of in the day to day running that the person leading it can become the servant of the business rather than the business being a servant for them and what they want to achieve in life. Gill armoured me with clear guidance on how to decipher what I wanted and how my business could get me there, which products would work for me personally and be successful in the market place. She also lifted the vale on the value of my products so that in the future I had a better idea on how to price them. What is remarkable is that all of this was done in a day.”


Jamie Wardley

Sand in Your Eye.

Consultancy Testimonials

“Over the years Aperté has provided Rural Arts with excellent support in organisational development, business area review and with the feasibility and development of our building base The Old Courthouse in Thirsk. Gill has a calm and objective presence with a strong business focus, which is both challenging and motivational. She has helped provide Rural Arts with a firm strategic steer enabling us to grow both our services and personnel. Gill’s independent eye always provides a fresh, creative and exciting perspective.”

Angela Hall


Rural Arts

“My abiding memory is that you can go in to an organisation for a day and come out with a first class report on what worked, what needed doing and what the wobbles were! We had some great fun with Modelling Sustainability that was really before its time and not fully valued by the recipients or the arts development / funding agencies.”

Malcolm Warrington

Director at CDI Alliance Ltd

Formerly at Arts Council England, Yorkshire.


“What stayed with me from working with Gill over the years is her empathy and knowledge of the business community as well as the arts and cultural organisations that she works in. She has a strong sense of what it is to develop strategy and how to do so with the full empowerment of a team; she reads situations with and astute mind, is clear and honest what she has to offer and conducts work with full professionalism to any situation given.”

Wieke Eringa


Yorkshire Dance.

“We asked Gill to facilitate discussions between all levels of staff and management during the design stages of our new arts and civic building, Junction. Her carefully devised questions and gentle, stimulating probing invited them to drill down quite deeply into areas such as identity, ambience, purpose and appearance for this multi-purpose space. The result was a helpful blueprint for the architects, who were able to take inspiration and suggest design solutions which are still evident today in both the physical building and the running of our award-winning facility. Talk about long-term effect!”


Charlie Studdy