Mentoring and Business Support

Aperté delivers business coaching, mentoring and advisory services to individuals and organisations often in the early stages of their development as high growth enterprises, or as they climb the ladder stepping up through the various stages of development for growth. Our approach is always about making sure the business is prepared and keeping you as a leader on the front foot. In the end it’s all about building a successful and sustainable company.

Ask yourself these questions...

  • How much more effective would I be if I could find the time to step back from the day to day and focus on the longer term future?

  • How clear am I about what I’m really out to achieve here, for me personally, not just the business?

  • How prepared am I for letting go of doing everything, delegating to others and not interfering?

  • How strong is my financial and commercial knowledge?

  • How much business development have I done in the past?

  • How much real thinking and planning did I do before I embarked on this journey?

  • How sure am I that I have the right team and structure in place?

  • How confident am I that my processes are scaleable and robust for growth?

  • How experienced am I in managing and driving change?

What do you think?

If your answers to these questions are mostly “not very” then you won’t be on your own. Lots of people set up in business because they have a passion and a drive to be successful. And some need help developing themselves and their skills to be able to grow their business. Just think, how much more successful could you be if you did something about those “not very’s”?

Gill Thewlis, has a wealth of experience with high growth start-ups and embryonic small-scale, SME businesses. Gill has helped established businesses get to the next stage of growth and helped some to survive and become sustainable. In some cases they’ve doubled or tripled in size as a result Gill understands the range of drivers behind the development of businesses and works pragmatically, realistically and in plain English to deliver practical and focused support. Gill also has a experience working with people establishing social enterprises.


Take some time and ask yourself these questions again, and then give Gill a call on 0114 229 1324 to talk about what she can do for you.


Individuals and organisations supported over 10 years



Report more focused planning and sense of direction



Increased financial and commercial awareness and ability to better manage cash



Hours of support delivered