Aperté delivers one-to-one coaching to executives and professionals in companies predominantly in the service sector. Our approach is always about improving performance and building better companies that are measurably more productive.

Ask yourself these questions…

  • What would the net result be for your business if you made the top 10% of performers even more productive than they already are?

  • As the leader of, or a leader in your organisation are you as strong in all areas as you could be?

  • What are you doing personally that might get in the way of even greater success than you are already experiencing? Remember, the fastest way to change what others are doing is to change what you are doing!

  • What are you risking by not developing your people appropriately?

  • How many opportunities have been missed already because you haven’t helped your best people address their blind sides?

  • How many technical, functional or creative specialists have you got that are less effective as leaders than they are as experts?

  • How much more effective would their teams be if they conquered the leadership challenge?

  • To what extent is change being resisted in your senior team and are they all playing to their strengths? If not, imagine the best it could be and what impact would that have on your ability to thrive in these challenging economic times?

What do you think?

Be honest with yourself, no matter how well you are performing there are always things that can be improved. Coaching offers the opportunity to focus attention on the individual in their situation, and deliver long term benefits to those individuals and your organisation. Everyone is different so each person needs his or her own approach. Coaching allows this in a way that many other development interventions don’t. 

Gill Thewlis, has been coaching for the last 10 years. She draws on over 100 tools and approaches, ensuring that everyone who works with her gets a unique experience. Gill also has a team of similarly qualified and experienced associates based across the country, should your needs extend further than her own ability to deliver.

So, take some time and ask yourself these questions again, and then give Gill a call on 0114 229 1324 to talk about what she can do for you and your organisation.


People coached



In senior leadership positions


Hours of coaching delivery



Of original objectives met in 90% of cases. In every case there are unanticipated benefits received from coaching.



People had truly transformational experiences as a results of Aperté coaching,



People coached report that, over and above their original objectives, between 2 hours a week and 3 days a month of time was clawed back for new activities



Report increased confidence and improved work life balance



People promoted during or shortly after coaching was completed



People coached reported additional benefits of improved communication skills and increased ability to take revenue responsibility and manage P&L