Aperté delivers coaching, mentoring and consultancy to professional service industries with particular experience in the creative and digital industries. Our experience also extends into the cultural, public and voluntary sectors. Sometimes projects cover one area of expertise, sometimes they include elements of all three. It‘s all down to individual requirements and the needs of the customer at the time.

Aperté means openly, clearly and without disguise, and it’s these principles that underpin everything Aperté delivers. Our aim is always to leave a legacy of increased business and interpersonal skills together with improved processes which you can continue to build on and develop after Aperté has gone. It’s all about building better businesses and making companies measurably more productive.


Aperté was founded in 2000 by Gill Thewlis. Now based in Sheffield our clients span Yorkshire, the North West, East & West Midlands, London and the Home Counties.

The one major thing that sets Aperté apart from the rest is innate creativity. Gill Thewlis says, “I spent 10 years doing numbers, 10 years doing words, 3 years doing pictures and now I do all three!”

More accurately, Gill continues, “I’ve spent 20 years in banking and financial services, including Lloyds Bank, London Stock Exchange and Halifax plc. 15 of those were in the City of London, 10 as a commercial banker, 10 as strategist, marketer, corporate communicator and change manager. I’ve spent 3 years gaining a 1st in fashion design at the University of Leeds and subsequently 10 years running Aperté where I draw on everything I’ve ever done in everything I do now.”

Gill is developing her design skills within her own creative practice and also uses her creativity extensively in everything she does. Every engagement has a creative element in it somewhere. When she works with creative or technical people she’s able to understand where they are coming from and brings hard edged strategic and commercial discipline to them and their organisations in a way that is sensitive to their environment. When she’s working in the commercial world either as a coach, mentor or consultant, she takes highly visual, creative and facilitative approaches into that world, draws on stories from the creative world and encourages individuals and groups to be more innovative in their development.



  • Has an MBA from Warwick Business School,

  • A Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring Practice from Oxford Brookes University

  • Is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and operates in accordance with their Code of Ethics and Diversity Policy

  • Is a member of the British Psychological Society Special Group in Coaching Psychology

  • Is a Lifetime Fellow of the RSA


Want to know more about how Gill and her wider connections can help? Then please give her a call on 0114 229 1324 to talk about what Aperté can do for you and your organisation.